5 ways to create Easter decorations on a budget

Last year, we spent the first Easter in our new home. It was such a magical time, everything being so new in our home. And on top of it, it was a year we’d had so much snow ever since February. It’s rather unusual where we live, so I celebrated every flake that fell from the sky. And sure enough, when Easter came in April, we were snowed it. One of our new neighbours even turned on the Christmas lights on his giant fir tree. We even built a snow Easter bunny! But money was tight, and I was challenged to create some Easter decorations on a budget.

easter center piece with rabbit figurines and flowers

It’s tradition that we invite our dearest, closest friends over for an excessive Easter Brunch every year. But after having just built a house and moved, and with so much more space to fill, holiday decorations were quite a challenge. And even if you haven’t just moved into a new home, every holiday can be quite expensive. So today, I’m going to show you how to create easy, but beautiful budget-friendly Easter decorations from things you may either have at home or can find at a dollar store.

budget friendly easter decorations
1. Save money by reusing artificial flowers each year

Firstly: Yes, real flowers are beautiful and smell divine. I agree. But even if you aren’t like me – who has a black thumb instead of a green one – buying fresh flowers every Easter will cost you. There are some beautiful artificial flowers out there. And there are some horrible ones that already look cheap from a distance. So, even if you wish to create Easter decorations on a budget, don’t save money on the artificial flowers. Because even if you invest a few bucks more for beautiful ones it will still save you money on the long run. You won’t have to buy new flowers every year. Instead, you can reuse your flower arrangements every Easter anew. And if you find yourself on the wealthy side one year, you can still add fresh flowers to the mix.

artificial white cottage rose

Ikea is always a good place to find inexpensive but beautiful artificial flowers for budget-friendly decorations (no, I’m not getting paid to write this). Try to find “seasonal” flowers like buttercups, daffodils, hydrangeas or peonies. Cottage roses are a classic, too. And if you go with muted, matching colours or pastels, you have all the more freedom to use colourful vases or pots.

flower arrangement with easter eggs

For this tiny bouquet, I used buttercups and artificial snowball hydrangeas in cream and green. I found a terracotta pot I had left from our wedding, and painted it in a cool rose-pink with acrylic paint. I trimmed my flowers, bound them together with wire, stuck them in a mini willow wreath and finally glued them to the terracotta pot with hot glue. Then I added a few speckled plastic mini-eggs and glued them to the arrangement, as well. It really is an easy, satisfying craft and doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, the longest amount of time you will have to invest is the time it takes for the paint to dry. And it’s not only a good Easter decoration on a budget – you will also have a lovely gift for your dear ones to give away.

easter center piece with artificial flowers
easter center piece with flowers and rabbit figurine
2. the cheapest easter decoration you can find…

… is one you already have at home, if you’re not vegan. So, my vegan friends, please bear with me for a moment.

You made scrambled eggs last week for breakfast and threw away the eggshells? You threw away a versatile Easter decoration. If you have never blown out eggs in your childhood, you were certainly missing. It does require a little delicate handling and time, but it’s inexpensive and fun. If you don’t know how to blow out eggs, a little online search will give you a quick idea. Make sure to wash out and dry your egg shells properly. I prefer painting them with acrylic paints in pastel colours, but you can use many techniques to decorate them, like gluing sequins or ribbons on the shells or using decoupage. There is really no limit to your creativity. And since you’ll need those eggs for your amazing Easter Brunch anyway, you can as well make use of the shells for decorations.

easter nest in a bowl with flowers and feathers
3. use what you already have at home

And while we’re already at that, you can use a lot of things you already have at home for your easter decorations on a budget. That old advent candle holder tray you have in your basement? Decorate it with flower garlands and rabbit figurines, add plastic eggs or your painted eggshells and use egg shaped candles where once your Christmas candles have been. Simple, right?

easter candles and flowers on a tray

And I admit, I love those decorative, lacey trays and flower pots you can buy everywhere. They are so versatile. You can, for example, use them to hold a few easter eggs. It’s practical, budget-friendly and looks so pretty. Use another as a makeshift vase for your artificial roses or peonies and a third as a candle holder, place all three on a decorative tray, and you have a marvellous center piece!

easter center piece in white

You’re hosting an Easter Brunch or having a lovely Easter dinner or breakfast with your family? Don’t forget that you can also display your delicious food in decorative ways. These puff pastry apple roses, for example, are easy to make and look decorative as they are. But storebought Easter candy also makes a great decoration on plates or in bowls. Your dyed Easter eggs? It looks so pretty to gather them in a small bread basket and add some flower garlands or blossoms.

colourful easter eggs in a basket
4. raiding the dollar store for budget-friendly decorations

If you want to create easter decorations on a budget, you will have to go to a thrift or dollar store at some point. Dollar stores are better than their reputation. Yes, there were those times when most items there were tacky and looked as cheap as they were, but you can find little treasures there, too. White is a classic and easy to combine. It’s minimalistic and versatile at once. Try to find white or pastel coloured little figurines of rabbits or birds. They don’t have to be huge. Two small figurines placed in front of a flower pot will give your home a subtle Easter touch without being overwhelming. These two together cost me one Euro.

two white easter bunnies and a flower pot with roses
5. combining is key

Now that you have painted your blown out eggs, bought some bags of plastic or glass eggs and all those pretty flowers, it’s time to combine it all. Use vases or bowls you already have at home. For this easter nest, I used plastic dollar store Easter eggs and painted real eggshells. I filled a glas bowl I already owned with willow and artificial flower garlands from the dollar store. Then I added the eggs and a few single flowers and feathers. It’s so simple, but makes a beautiful center piece for your Easter table.

easter nest in a glass bowl with flowers

You see, there is no limit to your imagination and creativity! Be careful with mixing too many, too bright colours if you want to go for an elegant, subtle look.

easter deacorations on a budget with an easter nest in a glass bowl

Easter decorations on a budget don’t have to look cheap. It only requires a bit of your time and creativity, and a trip or two to the dollar store. Don’t forget to like or subscribe if you liked this and make sure to share your own DIY Easter decorations on a budget!

budget friendly easter decorations


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