Hello there!

I’m Rika.

I’m one that ran away.

This blog is the right place for your food cravings, future baking adventures and DIY inspirations. You will find scrumptious cupcakes, recipes for delicious meals to cook for yourself and your dear ones, easy DIYs – from crafting to sewing – as well as ideas for a cozy, welcoming home. Sometimes, I will also share a few travel reports here.

I live in Germany, with my beloved significant other and our criminal little cat Winifred in a small house close to the coast. I’m a graduated musician in real life, but when I’m not teaching music, I spend my time in the kitchen or in front of my sewing machine. I cook and bake, I glue and paint, I sew and craft and draw. I love to create beautiful things. And if they are delicious, too, that’s even better. But the focus of this blog will be on my creations and not as much on myself. I’m also a bit camera-shy.

winifred the cat looking out of the window
Winifred, the cat
But why, you ask, why this blog name?

Because running away isn’t always as bad as its reputation. Sometimes, when places or people are not healthy for you, need to run. That doesn’t have to be permanently. It’s just a form of escapism. Running away from life for an hour or two while baking a cake or crafting gifts can be a blessing for your sanity. Of course, it’s not good to run away from responsibility, conflicts or duties forever. But sometimes a little running is all you need to get back on track, and to master a life that is never quite easy.

And yes, the blog name is a Doctor Who reference. Because I’m also a giant geek and sci-fi lover.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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the waves of the Baltic Sea by onethatranaway
close to home