Healthy Halloween Breakfast Bowl

Okay, okay, I lied. Sort of. Maybe “healthy” isn’t the proper way to introduce a Halloween breakfast bowl with chocolate granola, which is usually packed with sugar (and yes, honey or maple syrup still count as sugar), but it’s so much better and healthier than a candy bar and other things we tend to consume around this time of the year. So we’ll call this Halloween breakfast bowl semi-healthy, yes? It does feature creamy, rich Greek yoghurt, after all, which is good for your gut. It also contains blueberries and blackberries, which are not only packed full of vitamins, but are said to be beneficial for your heart and brain and immune system. And granola, whether it is store-bought or homemade, can give you a much needed energy boost. In the end, our bodies still need carbs, too.

a bowl of yoghurt and cereal forming a crescent moon on top of a beige and black kitchen towel

I have to admit: This has been one of the emotionally taxing and exhausting weeks and weekends in many, many years. It wasn’t necessarily in a bad way, no. It made me sad, fearful, happy and hopeful, and I have to fight my way through many powerful emotions that really shouldn’t be felt at the same time –  honestly, I feel like I need to sleep a hundred years to process my feelings properly. Sometimes, that’s just how it is, and feelings must be felt.

But that being said, it is October now, boys and ghouls! My favourite month of the year! The countdown to Halloween has started, and while the leaves are still green and the temperatures too high, I am looking forward to this special kind of autumn magic, to long dark nights spent watching Horror movies and eating comfort food. So while I feel quite tired and horribly exhausted, I also feel the need to celebrate this!

It might just be that this post will not be top-notch quality, you know what I mean? I might need a Halloween breakfast bowl myself, it seems.

So I strayed from my original plan for today and decided to post something simple and quick again to prepare longer, more elaborate posts when I have more energy again. The painted silhouette cupcake toppers that were planned for this post will make an appearance next time.

Anyway. It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween, and while there are plenty of recipes for treats and cakes, for savoury dinners or lunches out there, I found that one can only find very few ideas for a Halloween breakfast. Especially breakfast that isn’t just spooky pancakes. Nothing against pancakes, especially spooky ones, but we’ll go a another route today.

a bowl of yoghurt and cereal forming a crescent moon on top of a beige and black kitchen towel with a ceramic ghost in the background

This recipe is perfect for those days when you don’t have much time to prepare a huge breakfast, but are still in the mood for something a little special and playful, either for yourself or your dear ones. We’ll make ourselves a crescent moon in a bowl, with bats flying around it. It’s perfectly creamy, sweet and crunchy.

You can use any kind of granola of course, but dark chocolate granola will give this bowl an appropriately dark look. We want that crescent moon made from yoghurt to really pop, so dark berries and granola will work best. To complete this look and make it perfectly spooktastic, I used Halloween themed cereal with puffed rice in cat and bat shape, as well as little chocolate wafer cubes to sprinkle on top.

Needless to say: you don’t have to limit yourself to eat this Halloween breakfast bowl for breakfast only! It makes for a lovely afternoon snack, when your energy levels are low, and can even serve as a whimsical, pretty dessert. Eat it whenever you feel like it, and put yourself into the mood for spooky season with just a few ingredients.

The best part is: The variations for this healthy Halloween breakfast bowl are endless and you can modify, adapt and personalize to your liking. Look at this more as an inspiration than a set recipe. Use whatever granola, yoghurt, cereal, fruits and sprinkles you like. If you prefer your bowl very sweet, use a sweetener of your choice (maple syrup or honey work very well). I didn’t use any, because I found the granola, cereal and sprinkles to be sweet enough.

Kick off spooky season with this magical crescent moon Halloween breakfast bowl and share, subscribe and comment if you like.

Healthy Halloween Breakfast Bowl


ingredients / supplies:

  • ½  cup of plain Greek yoghurt (if you prefer, you can use sweetened or flavoured)
  • ½  cup of dark chocolate granola
  • ¼ cup of blueberries, washed
  • ¼ cup of blackberries, washed
  • 1 teaspoon of Halloween shaped cereal (I used puffed rice in bat, cat and moon shape)
  • ½ teaspoon of toppings of your choice (I used chocolate wafer cubes and pumpkin seeds)
  • ½ teaspoon of Halloween sprinkles (I used sugar bats and sugar ghosts)
  • sweetener of your choice (optional – maple syrup or honey work well)


Spread out the plain Greek yoghurt into a shallow, large bowl. Then place the chocolate granola in a large circle on one side of the bowl, leaving the yogurt visible on the other side. The visible part of the yogurt should form a crescent moon.

Place the blueberries and blackberries on top of the granola, spread out evenly.

Now garnish with the toppings of your choice (chocolate wafer cubes, pumpkin seeds) and the Halloween shaped cereals.

At last, top with the Halloween themed sprinkles. I used the white sugar ghosts on the dark side of the bowl and the black sugar bats on top of the yogurt crescent moon to really make the contrast pop.

Drizzle with honey or maple syrup, if you like, and enjoy.

auf Deutsch, bitte:

Gesunde Halloween Frühstücks-Bowl


  • ½  Tasse Griechischen Joghurt Natur / pur (nach Bedarf kann auch gesüßter oder Fruchtjoghurt verwendet werden)
  • ½  Tasse Schokoladen-Granola oder Schokoladen-Knuspermüsli
  • ¼ Tasse Blaubeeren, gewaschen
  • ¼ Tasse Brombeeren, gewaschen
  • 1 Teelöffel Halloween-Cerealien (ich habe hier gepuffte Reis-Cerealien in Fledermaus-, Katzen- und Mond-Form verwendet)
  • ½ Teelöffel Garnitur nach Wahl (ich habe Schokoladenwaffel-Würfelchen und Kürbiskerne benutzt)
  • ½ Teelöffel Halloween-Streusel (z.B. Zucker-Fledermäuse oder Zucker-Geister)
  • Süßstoff nach Wahl (optional – Ahornsirup oder Honig passen hier sehr gut)


Den griechischen Joghurt in einer flachen, großen Schale verstreichen. Nun das Schoko-Granola oder Schoko-Knuspermüsli in einem Kreis auf einer Seite der Schale verteilen. Der sichtbare Teil des Joghurts sollte so einen Halbmond formen.

Die Blaubeeren und Brombeeren gleichmäßig auf dem Knuspermüsli oder Granola verteilen.

Nun mit dem Belag nach Wahl (Schokoladenwaffel-Würfelchen, Kürbiskerne, usw.) und den Halloween-Cerealien bestreuen.

Zum Schluss mit den Halloween-Streuseln dekorieren. Ich habe die weißen Zucker-Geister auf der dunklen Seite der Schale verteilt und die schwarzen Zucker-Fledermäuse auf den Joghurt-Halbmond gestreut, um den schönen farblichen Kontrast hervorzuheben.

Bei Bedarf mit Ahornsirup oder Honig beträufeln.

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